Make up and Lifestyle by Mandie


My name is Mandie, and I married into the cutest last name ever. 

Hence "Dear" Darling. 




I love to sing, dance, laugh, travel and generally be around people.   I'm tea-obsessed and need a healthy dose of hugs and back scratches in my life.




Ever since I was little I have loved all things beautiful.   


Whether jewellery that was sparkly, a stunning sunset with glowing colours, or the way someone’s face lights up when they laugh.  If you keep your eye open, I think you can find a little beauty in everything. 




So it's no surprise I gravitate towards aesthetics. But not just your typical media-portrayed beauty. I think everything and everyone has been created uniquely beautiful, and I love the idea of bringing that beauty to light.  I want to find what makes YOU feel beautiful and confident.  






If you want a face full of glittery makeup for your wedding, or a very minimal look so you feel yourself,

let’s do it! 


Don't like to wear a lot of makeup and would like to learn how to do a simple everyday look?

I'd love to teach you! 


Right down to those who don't want to wear any makeup at all.... 

I'm also passionate about skincare and getting you the best products,

so you feel your most confident in the skin you're in.  


I love seeing the beauty revealed in others, and I'd love the chance to celebrate what makes you darling.